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1. Name: Fat Harold's
Place and Year: Florence North Carolina 1950
Info: 50's (WOW!!!) Every Wen Fri & Sat.
Doug Lyon

2. Name: Lord Jim's
Place and Year: Huddersfield Yorkshire 1960
Info: Mid 60's
Mick Taylor

3. Name: Dungeon
Place and Year: Nottingham 1960
Info: Late 60's
Vince Peach

4. Name: Majestic
Place and Year: Manchester 1960
Info: Late 60's
Vince Peach

5. Name: Queens Hall
Place and Year: Leeds 1960
Info: Mid 60's
Mick Taylor

6. Name: Ducks & Ducks too
Place and Year: North Myrtle Beach South Carolina 1960
Info: 60's Every Wen Fri & Sat.
Doug Lyon

7. Name: Tiles
Place and Year: London 1960
Info: Late 60's
Vince Peach

8. Name: The Vic Lounge
Place and Year: Halifax 1960
Info: This pub had a wicked jukebox and 2 Northern nights a week.
Colin Wood

9. Name: The Tinned Chicken
Place and Year: Castleford 1960
Info: Mid 60's
Mick Taylor

10. Name: The Dungeon
Place and Year: Nottingham 1960
Info: Mid 60's
Mick Taylor

11. Name: At the Top
Place and Year: Wigan Lancashire 1960
Info: Late 60's The first Soul club I visited.
Vince Peach

12. Name: Whiskey a-go-go
Place and Year: Sheffield 1960
Info: Late 60's
Vince Peach

13. Name: The Beachcomber
Place and Year: Nottingham 1960
Info: Mid 60's
Mick Taylor

14. Name: The Brit
Place and Year: Nottingham 1960
Info: 60's Legendary soul club still has occasional revival nights
Mark Coyle

15. Name: The Palace Hotel
Place and Year: Rhyl 1960
Info: Late 60's-mid 70's Not a pure Northern club but where a lot of the locals went before the Torch and Wigan.
Rob Brady

16. Name: String o 'Beads
Place and Year: Bradford 1960
Info: Mid 60's
Mick Taylor

17. Name: Side Saddle
Place and Year: Doncaster 1960
Info: Mid 60's
Mick Taylor

18. Name: The Top Twenty
Place and Year: Hollingwood 1960
Info: Late 60's
Vince Peach

19. Name: The Spinning Disc
Place and Year: Leeds 1960
Info: Mid 60's
Mick Taylor

20. Name: The Scene
Place and Year: Great Windmill st, London 1963
Info: In place R & B music Black music before Soul began. dancers from the US Miracles sounds I gotta dance to keep from crying !!! The in crowd was always here Kool Mod site for my scooter mates

21. Name: The Scene
Place and Year: Great Windmill st, London 1963
Info: In place R & B music Black music before Soul began. dancers from the US Miracles sounds Kool Mod site for my scooter mates

22. Name: Funhouse, Thing club.
Place and Year: Robson St. Oldham. 1964
Info: Oldhams best soul club,mid sixties mods, complete with scooters.A top soul scene, anyone out there remember it?
Mike Duffy

23. Name: The Clouds
Place and Year: Derby 1965
Info: Above the Rolls Royce dealership, a great place, some top mods there, circa just before Northern, a place to get a proper grounding in SOUL Music.
Steve Parker -Perth W A

24. Name: twistedwheel manchester
Place and Year: manchester 1965
Info: any footage

25. Name: CEST - FAB
Place and Year: WREXHAM 1967

26. Name: The Cock Inn
Place and Year: Ripley Derbyshire 1967
Info: Thursday nights full of Soul & Motown, and the usual punch up with grebo's on the way out.... Happy Days...
Steve Parker

27. Name: Monaco Ballroom
Place and Year: Hindley nr Wigan 1968
Info: Soul nights every week. To encourage dancers, half way thru the night they stopped the music and a live big band played while they gave spot prizes to couples on the floor....pathetic really. Tamla & Northern soul nights are still held monthly.
Brian Jolley

28. Name: The George
Place and Year: Wilby, Nr Wellingborough 1968
Info: The greatest Northern Soul club in the South bar none during the late 60's / early 70's. DJs Gibby & Delbert. Friday late nighters and Sunday evenings (allowed for our Saturday trips to the Wheel !) Remember the entrance up the stairs at the back ? Also the live gigs - Junior Walker, James & Bobby Purify, Edwin Starr et al. Memories of a bygone era and great friendships - sadly missed; fondly remembered !!!
Johnny Mo

29. Name: 76 club
Place and Year: Burton On Trent Staffs 1968
Info: Trully one of the midlands soul venues least mentioned...All dayers and top DJ's playing at this club Alan Day, Dave Evison, Pep, just to mention a few superb soul sounds that complemented The Torch and The Catacombs in those days. Many a soulie passed through and have good memories of The 76 club,Burton on Trent.
Jim Bridges

30. Name: Top Rank
Place and Year: Preston 1968
Info: lots of earley soul played here
Dave Barrett

31. Name: Catacombs
Place and Year: Wolverhampton 1969
Info: Listening to Bob Crocker & Alan S. spinning records we'd never heard before. Oh to be 17 again!!!
Alan Carter

32. Name: .piccadilly club manchester
Place and Year: behind queens hotel piccadilly 1969
Info: full every monday night with the true dihards from the allniters dj brian walker
maffia dave cook

33. Name: The Stax Club
Place and Year: Preston 1969
Info: Northern soul but a bit of a skinhead joint
Dave Barrett

34. Name: The Buffalo Club
Place and Year: Barrowford Lancashire 1970
Info: 70's Upstairs in a working men's club. Basic and beautiful.
Mick Fitzpatrick

35. Name: The British Legion
Place and Year: Accrington Lancashire 1970
Info: Mid 70's Another basic but legendary venue in a working man's club.
Paul Hennigan

36. Name: Compass Club
Place and Year: Torquay Devon 1970
Info: 70's Some wicked Northern nights in the summer months.
Mick Fitzpatrick

37. Name: The Bay Horse
Place and Year: Todmorden Yorkshire 1970
Info: 70's
Colin Wood

38. Name: The Band Club
Place and Year: Accrington Lancashire 1970
Info: Mid 70's Yet another workers where the debonair and dashing Phil Duckworth spun the sounds.
Paul Hennigan

39. Name: Centrepoint
Place and Year: Burnley Lancashire 1970
Info: Mid 70's DJ's included Soul Sam & Ginger. I heard Sam play Jimmy Burns & Johnny Hampton for the first time.
Johnny Walker

40. Name: Cavendish Cub
Place and Year: Blackburn Lancashire 1970
Info: 70's Some of the best acts played here.
Mick Fitzpatrick

41. Name: The Cats Whiskers Roseroom
Place and Year: Burnley Lancashire 1970
Info: Mid 70's This place had some wicked Northern nights. DJ's included Ginger & Eddie.
Mick Fitzpatrick Johnny Walker

42. Name: The Central Soul Club
Place and Year: Leeds 1970
Info: 70's DJ's included Twink Ian Dewhurst.
Colin Wood

43. Name: The Circulation Club
Place and Year: Burnley Lancashire 1970
Info: 70's Various all-dayers.
Colin Wood

44. Name: Tiffany's
Place and Year: Newcastle under Lyme 1970
Info: Good all-dayers on various Bank holidays.
Rob Brady

45. Name: Underground
Place and Year: Blackburn Lancashire 1970
Info: Mid 70's The first Soul club I visited unfortunately it did not last long.
Paul Hennigan

46. Name: Va Va
Place and Year: Bolton 1970
Info: Early 70's Friday nights/Sat morning (after Beefeater!) featuring great sounds by Richard Serling.
Charlie Taylor

47. Name: West Midland Soul Club. Nautical William
Place and Year: Bridgenorth road. Shropshire 1970
Info: Small but a good night.
Dave Gilman

48. Name: Whitchurch civic center
Place and Year: Whitchurch 1970
Rob Brady

49. Name: The Vic
Place and Year: Chorley Lancashire 1970
Info: 70's Great warm-up before Wigan
Pete Fowler

50. Name: The Twisted Wheel
Place and Year: Manchester 1970
Colin Wood

51. Name: The Palais
Place and Year: Nottingham 1970
Info: 70's - 80's Major venue that was voted No2 in UK during 1978
Mark Coyle

52. Name: Tiffany's
Place and Year: Halifax Yorkshire 1970
Info: 70's
Colin Wood

53. Name: Catacombs
Place and Year: Wolverhampton 1970
Info: 70's DJ's Blue Max. Great soulful nights
Rob Brady. Dave Gilman

54. Name: testing club
Place and Year: Accrington 1970
Info: here there and everywhere
Alex White

55. Name: Carlton Club
Place and Year: Warrington 1970
Info: Mid 70's Brian Ray used to work this one during the mid 70's. Closed by the police!
Rob Brady

56. Name: Intercom
Place and Year: Harrogate 1970
Info: had Northern Soul bias, small club best night was Fridays
Phil Black

57. Name: Blackpool Mecca Highland room
Place and Year: Blackpool Lancashire 1970
Info: 70's One cool place.
Mick Fitzpatrick

58. Name: Beefeater
Place and Year: Wem (Nr Whitchurch) 1970
Info: Early 70's Friday nights featuring Soul Sam & guest DJs such as Alan Day.
Charlie Taylor

59. Name: Assembly Rooms
Place and Year: Shefield 1970
Info: 70's Friday Allnighters
Brian Winterburn

60. Name: Leeds Queen Hall Festival
Place and Year: Leeds 1970
Info: 70's One of the best. Major Lance & the Exciters played here.
Dave Gilman

61. Name: The Irish League
Place and Year: Nelson Lancashire 1970
Info: Mid 70's Upstairs in a working men's club. DJ's included Pat Brady Guy Hennigan and locals.
Johnny Walker

62. Name: Assembly Rooms
Place and Year: Derby 1970
Info: 70' s Sunday Alldayers
Brian Winterburn

63. Name: the brittania rowing club (the brit)
Place and Year: trentside nottingham 1970
Info: my first introduction to northern every friday night
mark rushin

64. Name: manchester unity club
Place and Year: beeston nottingham 1970
Info: the soul flowed here almost any night of the week later became masserellis and became the east midlands punk club
mark rushin

65. Name: Taurus Club
Place and Year: Huddersfield Yorkshire 1970
Info: Mid 70's
Colin Wood

66. Name: Soul Survivors Club
Place and Year: Darwen Lancashire 1970
Info: Mid 70's A small local happening with the inimitable Steve Ellison and others at the turntables.
Paul Hennigan

67. Name: Samantha's
Place and Year: Sheffield 1970
Info: early 70's
Colin Wood

68. Name: Courtney's beach club
Place and Year: Atlantic Beach North Carolina 1970
Info: 70's Every Wen Fri & Sat.
Doug Lyon

69. Name: Fagins
Place and Year: Wrexham 1970
Info: Mid 70's Wednesday nights run by Soul Sam. I saw Robert Knight there.
Rob Brady

70. Name: Cricket Club
Place and Year: Burnley Lancashire 1970
Info: Mid 70's DJ's included Ian Dewhurst. All the best Cleethorpes sounds.
Johnny Walker

71. Name: Nelson's Column
Place and Year: Nelson Lancashire 1970
Info: 70's This club had the potential to be up there. Pity the management did not realise that.
Mick Fitzpatrick

72. Name: Lytham Football Club
Place and Year: Lytham Blackpool 1970
Info: Late 60's-mid 70's A top club in the late 70s. DJ was John Le Saint. Anyone know what happened to him?
Mick McGarry

73. Name: RAOB Club
Place and Year: Keighley Yorkshire 1970
Info: 70's
Colin Wood

74. Name: Pier & Winter Gardens
Place and Year: Cleethorpes 1970
Info: 70's All-nighters
Colin Wood

75. Name: Pendulum
Place and Year: Manchester 1970
Info: Early 70's Sat night till 2am (imagine a Scouser hitch-hiking thru Moss Side to get home!)
Charlie Taylor

76. Name: Red's beach club
Place and Year: Raleigh North Carolina 1970
Info: 70's Every Wen Fri & Sat.
Doug Lyon

77. Name: Sale Mecca (The Blue Room)
Place and Year: Sale Manchester 1970
Info: 70's Thu nights. Run by Ian Levine and Colin Curtis good music and a great crowd.
Rob Brady

78. Name: cleos (FORMERLY CLOUDS)
Place and Year: derby 1970
mark rushin

79. Name: Mardi Gras
Place and Year: Liverpool 1971
Info: 71-72 Friday's (dj Billy Butler spinning some great sounds)
Charlie Taylor

80. Name: the linnets club
Place and Year: Burscough afc 1971
Info: events every tuesday & thursday 7 till 12 soulspinners 4 were the djs
graham symms

81. Name: Blue Orchid
Place and Year: Draycott nr. Derby 1971
Info: This club follwed on from the Wheel, until just before the Torch. Well the 'lads; had to go somewhere didn't they? A top place.
Steve Parker

82. Name: Cleo's
Place and Year: Leigh Lancashire 1972
Info: Great sounds sadly burnt down.
John Harwood

83. Name: Leigh Casino
Place and Year: Leigh Lancashire 1972
Info: 72 - 76 All local DJ's who played our music. A hostile management who cottoned onto a good thing too late!
John Harwood

84. Name: The Sombereo
Place and Year: County Durham 1972
Info: 72 - 74 DJ's Jim Bone & Bill Swift palyed Northern here Fri & Sat nights
Jim Bone

85. Name: Winter Gardens
Place and Year: Llandudno North Wales 1972
Info: 72-mid 70's Could have gone further but the locals preferred pop music. Saw Donnie Elbert and other acts here.
Rob Brady

86. Name: VIKINGS
Place and Year: GOOLE 1972
Info: Live bands Mary Wells, Detroit Emeralds, Elgins,Real Thing R.Dean Taylor Ben E King and many more
Greg Gowlar

87. Name: Wigan Casino
Place and Year: Wigan Lancashire 1973
Info: 23 Sep 73 - 19 Sep 81 … Words fail me.
Mick Fitzpatrick

88. Name: The Pier
Place and Year: Cleethorpes 1973
Info: 73 - 75 The perfect compliment to the Winter Gardens for a weekend double header!
John Harwood

89. Name: Riverboat
Place and Year: Colwyn Bay. North Wales 1973
Info: 73 - 79 Mon & Wen. Small club I had soul Sam Brian Ray Richard Serling and others DJ there. We used to average around 100+ great little club. Great dance floor
Rob Brady

90. Name: Winter Gardens
Place and Year: Cleethorpes 1973
Info: 73 - 75 Cool venue for an allnighter nice sounds & people.
John Harwood

91. Name: the peacock
Place and Year: yeadon 1973
Info: soul nites thursdays
paul murphy

92. Name: Dixieland
Place and Year: Colwyn Bay. North Wales 1973
Info: 73 - 78 Wed nights. The place for live acts. Major Lance New York City Funky Sisters Betty Wright Edwin Starr and many more.
Rob Brady

93. Name: cats whiskers
Place and Year: burnley 1973
Info: all dayers
paul murphy

94. Name: Royal Hotel
Place and Year: Crewe 1973
Info: Tuesday night (something to look forward to during the week)
Charlie Taylor

95. Name: Eris Park Pavilion
Place and Year: Colwyn Bay. North Wales 1974
Info: 74 - 78 Sat all-dayers. Big dance floor. The Real Thing appeared there.
Rob Brady

96. Name: merry go round
Place and Year: manchester 1974
Info: all dayers
paul murphy

97. Name: royal swan
Place and Year: huddersfield 1974
Info: upstairs every wed,sat,wigan warm ian[frank]dewhirst.
paul and gill feeney

98. Name: Dukinfield rugby club
Place and Year: Dukinfield cheshire 1974
Info: Great small friday night venue

99. Name: Cricket Club
Place and Year: Ormskirk 1974
Info: Excellent sounds & company
John Harwood

100. Name: Castle Hotel
Place and Year: Bangor North Wales 1975
Info: 75 - 76 All-dayers large dance hall and good crowd.
Rob Brady

101. Name: The Oval Ball
Place and Year: Leigh Lancashire 1975
Info: Superb sounds spun by local DJ's Walt & Chaddy. Good staging place for the Casino sadly closed by the police!!
John Harwood

102. Name: BELL VUE
Place and Year: MANCHESTER 1975

103. Name: Royal Pub
Place and Year: Rhyl 1975
Info: Fri nights. Above the pub good crowd good music.
Rob Brady

104. Name: Blue Ball
Place and Year: Sandiacre Derbyshire 1975
Info: A great place to meet on a Monday night after Wigan on the weekend, some brilliant sounds played. Can anyone remember the night it nearly burned down, and we still carried on dancing???
Steve Parker

Place and Year: BURNLEY 1975

106. Name: QEENS HALL
Place and Year: BRADFORD 1975

107. Name: starlight
Place and Year: huddersfield 1975
Info: fri nights, northern, djs ian dewhirst[frank] and les.above burtons taylors.
paul and gill feeney

Place and Year: YATE - SOUTH GLOS 1976

Place and Year: MANCHESTER 1976

110. Name: The Nite Owl
Place and Year: Liecester 1976
Info: A late 60's soul club that sadly burnt down I believe. Just thought it was a good one for Mick's list.
Mick Taylor. Vince Peach

111. Name: DRILL HALL
Place and Year: LINCOLN 1976

112. Name: Highwayman
Place and Year: Abergele. North Wales 1976
Info: 76 - 77 Sat nights. Above the pub good crowd mainly locals but had Soul Sam there a few times
Rob Brady

113. Name: Clouds
Place and Year: Edinburgh Scotland 1976
Info: I would love to hear from any one that attended this club
Craig Rapley

114. Name: raquels
Place and Year: wakefield 1976
Info: nr big roundabout city centre dj yorkshires finest paul rowan.
paul, gill feeney

115. Name: blackbeat ( bolton football club)
Place and Year: bolton 1976
Info: Sunday night, after wigan. S.till not right in the head. Searling spinnin the sounds. Joe Matthews massive. Gettin off with all and I mean ALL the Bolton girls. Bolton lads not happy. Rollin about on the car park, gettin battered in general.Happy days I wish I could go back!
Steve Tomlinson

116. Name: UNITY HALL
Place and Year: WAKEFIELD YORKSHIRE 1977

117. Name: preston soul club
Place and Year: roper hall preston 1977
Info: every sun nite northern/crossover/motown
mike finch

118. Name: The Oval
Place and Year: Celtenham 1977
Info: what ever became of "PEP" Great nights in cheltenham High st! PS the rachet man was never seen at the stirling suite.the samba squad was born in 1980
Choco and the squad

119. Name: Gemini (connaught Rooms)
Place and Year: Harrogate 1978
Info: Great place
Johnny Mac

120. Name: clouds allniters
Place and Year: edinburgh scotland 1978
Info: bruce hanna (rip)
dave hossack(melbourne)

121. Name: Dixieland 'The Pier'
Place and Year: Colwyn Bay. North Wales 1978
Info: Great Fri all-nighters. Soul Sam Dave Everson Brian Ray and others DJ'd. Good fun allnighter with a crowd of 1000+.
Rob Brady

122. Name: Gemini
Place and Year: Hartlepool 1978
Info: This venue cost me my job because my Boss didn't like Northern…tosser
Jim Bone

123. Name: the bodega
Place and Year: mottingham 1979
Info: every sat
mark rushin

124. Name: Oar house beach club
Place and Year: New Bern North Carolina 1980
Info: 80's Sun nights
Doug Lyon

125. Name: Wiraner
Place and Year: Nottingham 1980
Info: 80's Regular all-nighters
Mark Coyle

126. Name: Weejun's beach club
Place and Year: Norfolk Virginia 1980
Info: 90's Every Wen Fri & Sat.
Doug Lyon

127. Name: Bunch of Grapes
Place and Year: Duke St London 1981
Info: 81 - 84 I played a selection of Northern here on Thu nights.
Jim Bone

128. Name: The Mayfair Suite
Place and Year: Newcastle on Tyne 1983
Info: 83 86 A Shaun Gibbons Soul promotions all-nighters.
Rod Richardson

129. Name: The Dancing Slipper
Place and Year: Nottingham 1983
Info: 83 - 85Northern Soul & Mod nights every Friday.
Mark Coyle

130. Name: Central Pier
Place and Year: Morecambe 1983
Info: 83 - 86 Another Gibbons allnighter. Worth the travel from Newcastle.
Rod Richardson

131. Name: Heaven
Place and Year: London West 1983
Info: Hot and sticky Nights to remember rub a dub dub what a gay club!!!
Bob Jockey

132. Name: The Miners Welfare
Place and Year: Glenrothes Scotland 1985
Info: 85 - 89 The best 60's venue in Britain. All the new discoveries were played here. This is the place I first saw the Shrine label.
Rod Richardson

133. Name: The Dolphin Center
Place and Year: Darlington 1985
Info: Pat Brady played top quality oldies.
Rod Richardson

134. Name: Queens Hall
Place and Year: Bradford 1987
Info: 87 - 91 Loads of new sounds were broke here & the modern room was unbelievable sadly missed.
Phil Dick

135. Name: Astoria Ballroom
Place and Year: Leeds 1988
Info: 88 - 89 DJ's included Pat Brady Steve Croft Ady Croasdell and many more
Phil Dick

136. Name: Festival Hall
Place and Year: Bolton 1988
Info: Beautiful venue that only had 3 all-nighters because the police put the block on it.
Phil Dick

137. Name: Thompson Center
Place and Year: Burnley Lancashire 1988
Info: We only had 2 all-nighters here then it was stiffed by the boys in blue
Phil Dick

138. Name: nine of clubs
Place and Year: legedary st ives cambs 1989
Info: what happened to sherwoood soul club dj ged from notts he was the man with flair right on ?
the notts crew

139. Name: Island beach club
Place and Year: Pawleys Island South Carolina 1990
Info: 90's Every Wen Fri & Sat.
Doug Lyon

140. Name: Masters beach club
Place and Year: Burlington North Carolina 1990
Info: 90's Every Wen Fri & Sat.
Doug Lyon

141. Name: Live Injection
Place and Year: New York 1990
Info: Early 90's
Greg Tormo

142. Name: Caddy shack lounge
Place and Year: Florence North Carolina 1990
Info: 90's Every Wen Fri & Sat.
Doug Lyon

143. Name: Leisure Center
Place and Year: Coventry 1991
Info: Well attended but was basic.
Andy Humberston

144. Name: Burton Townhall
Place and Year: Burton upon Trent 1991
Info: Great dancefloor and good music policy
Andy Humberston

145. Name: The Leisure Center
Place and Year: Hinkley 1991
Info: Lacked the usual luxuries like seating! But was well attended
Andy Humberston

146. Name: The Fox and Goose
Place and Year: Coalville Leicestershire 1991
Info: Held once a month an a Friday and played mainly oldies.
Andy Humberston

147. Name: Night Owl
Place and Year: Brighton 1992
Info: 92 - 93 Held at the 'Richmond' in Brighton. Sadly Short lived. Played a mixture of classics oldies and newies.
Patrick Chadwick

148. Name: Sweetsoul Club
Place and Year: Newark on Trent ,Nottinghamshire 1996
Info: Established 1n 1996 Across the Board music policy GUESTS AT Sweetsoul inc,Roger Banks, Andy Rix,Rob Smith,Soul Sam,Dean Anderson,Dave Rimmer,Doug Hall, John Poole,Rob Thomas,Sam Moore, Guy Hennigan,Dougie Sewell, more booked for future events inc GINGER TAYLOR,PETE TAYLOR,IAN GEE TBC CHRIS KING, RETURNING DEC,SOUL SAM
Douglas Hall

149. Name: vespas soul club
Place and Year: The esplanade,st helier,jersey 1997
Info: The start of relighting old passions for ex-pat soulies .Every third friday of month.6ts northern old/new.
glenn phillips-bables

150. Name: Griffin Hotel
Place and Year: Leeds 1998
Info: 2nd Sat of every month. DJ's: Pat Brady Steve Croft Phil Dick Bob Hinsley & many more.
Phil Dick

151. Name: Goodfoot
Place and Year: The Sub Club Jamaica St Glasgow 1998
Info: Established 5 years Glasgow's top northern night plays Maximum Soul Power to a young enthusiastic crowd. Dates: Fridays monthly. (18 Sept 23 Oct 20 Nov (Guest DJ: Keb Darge) 18 Dec)
Andrew Symington

152. Name: Galahads
Place and Year: Sandbach Cheshire 1998
Info: This will feature Dave Knight. Steve Roberts. Chris Davidson playing sounds from the 60's 70's and 80's. Dave will be playing all the old sounds he played at the Nottm Palaise. Brit. Blue Orchid. Mojo and cant wait to get spinning again. Steve will feature sounds from the Wigan Casino and Chris digitaly sampled NSmusic ie: True Image.
Dave Atkinson

153. Name: Empire State Soul Club
Place and Year: New York 1998
Info: A mixture of various styles of Soul including Northen.
Greg Tormo

154. Name: Floorshaker
Place and Year: Barcelona Spain 1998
Jorge Dutton

155. Name: Deeper Shade of Soul
Place and Year: The Atomic Cafe-Neuturmstr. 5-MunichGermany 1998
Info: Usually every second thursday (but it may change). dj´s: Benji Wolfgang Dirrigl and Leo Ernst. music policy is just everything worthwile from the 60´s from northern soul/r´n´b to freakbeat and us garage oldies newies midtempo beat balladsetc. be prepared to hear tunes like "walking up a 1 way street" followed by chapter five´s "you cant mean it"! admission: 7 Deutschmarks during the winter it kicks off at 9 pm (till 4pm).

156. Name: Dublin Soul Club
Place and Year: Commercial Rowing Club. Dublin 1998
Info: Next event is 4 Jul. Open 8-2 playing the best from the 60's & 70's
Tony Hanlon

157. Name: Recreation Center
Place and Year: Farnborough 1998
Info: "Southside" 1st gig was 6th Mar 98 next one will be in early May. Mainly 60's & 70's with a hint of 80's. DJ's Shifty & Keith Woon. May details to follow
Barry Wilmore

158. Name: Catholic Club
Place and Year: Doncaster Rd Barnsley 1998
Info: 1st Sat every month - Various DJ's
Tony Gough

159. Name: Anvick Pub
Place and Year: Madrid 1998
Info: Regular Northern sessions DJ'd by Jorge Dutton Gustavo and Israel.
Jorge Dutton

160. Name: Barracudas Pub
Place and Year: Madrid 1998
Info: Takes place yearly.
Jorge Dutton

161. Name: Behind Closed Doors
Place and Year: Lea Manor Hotel Albrighton West Midlands 1998
Info: 2nd Fri every month. Music policy is 'everything' except exhausted oldies. Mail Dave Rimmer for details.
Dave Rimmer

162. Name: Allston Soul Club
Place and Year: Common Ground Pub. Boston USA 1998
Info: Playing mainly Northern with a mix of other styles.
Allie Burnet

163. Name: Hilton National Hotel
Place and Year: Huddersfield Yorkshire 1998
Info: Starts 13 Mar. DJ's include Pat Brady Phil Dick Howard Earnshaw 2 Bald Blokes Bob Hinsley Ginger Taylor Steve Connor & Kenny Burrell. Top sounds please support it.
Phil Dick

164. Name: Wellesley Hotel
Place and Year: Leeds 1998
Info: Hi Everyone A new Northern Nite starts on Saturday 13th June. DJ's are myself Pat Brady + 2 others TBA. It's a great venue with 2 dancefloors (both in the same room). Give it a try if you can. Keep On...Phil.
Phil Dick

165. Name: The Canterbury Soul Club
Place and Year: Vienna Austria 1998
Info: The club plays a mixture of soul music and a good helping of Northern.
Robert Eder (Flappo)

166. Name: The Black Horse
Place and Year: Wolverhampton 1998
Info: It`s held the 3rd Friday of every month playing soul sound across the board from oldies to eighties resident D.J`s Blue Max(Ex catacombs) John Pugh & Myself Ken Onions Guests Have included Mick Smith John Weston Chris Anderson Ted Massey Soul Sam With other top name to follow in 99 any information can be supplied by contacting or myself at KEN@ONIONS.FREESERVR.CO.UK
Soul Ken

167. Name: The Allendale Center
Place and Year: Newcastle-on-Tyne 1998
Info: Last Friday of every month 7-11. Admission 2 pounds. Bar and record bar. Phone England 01912761462 for more information.
Nigel Sweet

168. Name: The 100 Club
Place and Year: London 1998
Info: An if it is not rare it is not played allnighter.
Rod Richardson

169. Name: Stolen Hours
Place and Year: Stockholm Sweden 1998
Info: 4th Fri every month playing strictly Northern
Arvid Ekenback

170. Name: Soultastic
Place and Year: Gothenberg Sweden 1998
Info: last saturday every month (if nothing else is said.) 6-t´s soul beat and rn´b are played by christian and isse(uppers). besides great music we also have slide shows go-go dancing girls and films running
Christian Ostlund

171. Name: Soul Cave
Place and Year: Stockholm Sweden 1998
Info: 1st Fri every month spinning pure Northern
Arvid Ekenback

172. Name: Soul
Place and Year: Stockholm Sweden 1998
Info: Northern sounds mixed with other danceable soul
Arvid Ekenback

173. Name: Ryans Bar
Place and Year: 52 Wells St London W1 1998
Info: DJ's: Mark Houghton Terry Jones Andy Davies Ricky Morrell. Dates: 21 Mar 25 Apr & 16 May. Admission 6 quid. 8-1. Playing 60's-90's stuff.
Ricky Morrell

174. Name: The Globe
Place and Year: Newton Sydney Australia 1998
Info: Next dates 21 Feb & Mar. Average crowd 250 top jocks playing 60's & 70's sounds.
Peter Morgan

175. Name: The Irish Club Subiaco
Place and Year: Perth Australia 1998
Info: First Saturday each month. Mainly oldies. Top atmosphere and one big Family.
Pete Fowler

176. Name: The Manhattan Club
Place and Year: Harrogate Yorkshire 1998
Info: Dates: 21 Feb 21 Mar 11 Apr 16 May 20 Jun 18 Jul 15 Aug 19 Sep 17 Oct & 14 Nov. 8-1. Large dancefloor cheap beer great atmosphere & 3 quid admission. Play oldies & newies.
Phil Dick

177. Name: Warrington
Place and Year: Rylands Recreation Club 1998
Info: First Friday every month
Mike Rowland

178. Name: Uptown Down South
Place and Year: Newbury 1998
Info: Playing 60's to 90's stuff every month
Sean O'Sullivan

179. Name: Uptite the Spot niteclub
Place and Year: 2314 Boston street Baltimore USA 1998
Info: Every other Tuesday starting at 8pm(even number tuesdays starting nov 10. other dates for 1998 include nov. 24th dec. 8th and dec. 22nd. Info: call jason @ 410.332.1462 or the spot @ 410.276.9556. Type of music: northern soul mod jazz belgium popcorn jamaican and ska.
James Thorton

180. Name: Uptight
Place and Year: The Bedsit Park Drive Glasgow 1998
Info: Goodfoot's sister club takes place in 2 rooms - in the main hall it's solid northern soul while in the bar the DJs spin jazz funk and reggae. Fridays monthly. (4 Sep 2 Oct 6 Nov 4 Dec)
Andrew Symington

181. Name: The Underground
Place and Year: Leeds 1998
Info: MOVE ON UP' A Wed night gig 9-2 playing a mixture of Northern Motown Atlantic & Stax.
Matt Bolton

182. Name: The Station Hotel
Place and Year: Dudley West Midlands 1998
Info: 4th Fri every month. Music policy is 60's-Newies-Crossover. Mail Dave Rimmer for details.
Dave Rimmer

183. Name: The Ritz
Place and Year: Brighouse Yorkshire 1998
Info: Northern & Motown last Friday every month. Northern nights in Manifesto mag.
Colin Wood

184. Name: The Oakfield Club
Place and Year: Oakfield Rd Sale Manchester 1998
Info: 100% pure classics plus all the latest club sounds. Future dates: 14 Feb 14 Mar 11 Apr 9 May 13 Jun 11 Jul 22 Aug 12 Sep 17 Oct 14 Nov & 19 Dec. 1999 DATES Jan 9th Feb 13th March 13th April 10th May 8th Jun 12th July 10th Aug 14th Sept 11th Oct 9th Nov 13th Dec 11th
Graham Hibbert

185. Name: The Metro Club
Place and Year: Halifax Yorkshire 1998
Info: Last Friday of every month 9-1
Colin Wood

186. Name: Ritzy
Place and Year: Nottingham 1998
Info: Every bank holiday until 2 am.
Mark Coyle

187. Name: Regal Club
Place and Year: Cleckheaton West Yorks 1998
Info: 8-1130pm every Sunday
Rad Baker

188. Name: Planet Africa
Place and Year: Melbourne Australia 1998
Info: 11-2 or 3 pm was other Fri. Now finished.
Vince Peach

189. Name: Martin Ave
Place and Year: 280 Martin Ave Santa Clara California USA 1998
Info: Next dates 16 May & 25 Jul. $7 entry fee. Doors open at 2200hrs & close about 0830 next morning. ALL ages welcome. Late night bar. The States No 1 VenuePhone: (408) 345-1022 or mail for more details.
Dave Thomas

190. Name: Long Play Disco
Place and Year: Madrid 1998
Info: Takes place yearly.
Jorge Dutton

191. Name: Northern Soul Spins
Place and Year: Sydney 1998
Info: Sydney Soul Sisters present.... "NORTHERN SOUL spins! Sydney Australia 1999 Dates for 99: 13th February 24th April (with 25th April dayer at venue t.b.a.) 19th June 14th August 9th October 11th December BAR BROADWAY (upstairs) corner Broadway & Regent St Sydney 9pm 'til 4am and still only $5 at the door DJ's: ex. UK local and interstate Contact: e-mail or phone 0412 143 621 (++61.412 143 621)
Maria Orlovic

192. Name: Parr Hall
Place and Year: Warrington 1998
Info: My Wigan! I was too young for the Casino. But it was relived here. DJ's included Richard Searling Pat Brady Steve Whittle Keith Minshall and Brian Rae. Orgasmic!!!
Rod Richardson

193. Name: Meadows Club
Place and Year: Nottingham 1998
Info: Regular all-nighters
Mark Coyle

194. Name: Hospital Club
Place and Year: General Hospital Barnsley 1998
Info: Every 2 weeks on a Sun - Variouds DJ's
Tony Gough

195. Name: Radcliff Civic Hall
Place and Year: Nr Bury 1998
Info: DJS steve connerbrian raeallan barnsmartin ellis and niel jones LATE BARLARGE DANCE FLOOR FRI 20TH NOV
Neil Jones

196. Name: Joey's
Place and Year: Melbourne Australia 1998
Info: Australia's biggest Allnighter. 138 Commercial rd Prahan. 13 March. Dance from 11-7 to the hottest Northern & Motown.
Vince Peach

197. Name: Blue Velvet Bar
Place and Year: Melbourne Australia 1999
Info: Blue Velvet bar. Australias only weekly soul and mod venue happens every saturday night from 7pm.with classic Northern Motown souljazz being spun by resident djs Uncle G. Vince Peach mohair slim. plus guest djs from Australia and overseas. Blue Velvet is at 60 Smith st Collingwood on Melbournes city fringe
Vince Peach

198. Name: Black Swan
Steve Driver

199. Name: Southport Sailing Club
Place and Year: Marine Drive Southport Lancs 1999
Info: DJ'S Dave Scutt & Casey. plus guest's Playing the very of NORTHERN SOUL R&B & MOTOWN. 8pm-2am & then some Starting- FRI 22/OI/99. Then the 3rd friday of the month. Promoters; Dave Scutt & Dave Case Info; 01704-231628 OR 01695-580411. David Case
Dave Case

200. Name: The Polish Club
Place and Year: Glasgow 1999
Info: Glasgow's Soul Nite at The Polish Club 5 Parkgrove terrace It currently meets on the Last Friday of each month from 8 till 1am. It features Northern Modern and crossover soul
Frank Murphy

201. Name: Basically Soul
Place and Year: Marco's LeisureCentre Grove St Edinburgh 1999
Info: It will be held in Marcos LeisureCentre Grove St Edinburgh on Saturday 3rd April 1999 from 9pm til late -2.30 ish. It is run by a couple of DJs Lenny and Martin with a very large dance floor and playing Soul Classics from the 60s to 90s. There are are normally about three Dances per year with normally 150 - 200 in attendance in a Large Hall_with Bar of course. Any way the tickets are a keenly priced Fiver and can be bought from Lenny on 0131 477 2194 or Martin 0131 447 3968 Please E Mail me or phone 0976 662914
Willie Law

202. Name: Alphabet Street
Place and Year: Melbourne Australia 1999
Info: Alphabet street. Northern soul and Motown on the last saturday of every month. djs Vince Peach and guests from 9pm to 4am admission $5. and drinks at bar prices Melbournes premier nightspot located at 360 lonsdale st in the city.
Vince Peach

203. Name: Cassidy's Night Club
Steve Driver

204. Name: Heywood Civic
Place and Year: Heywood Lancashire 1999
Info: We have a great venue on our hands and we would like to share it with everyone! resident dj's are: LESTER STE GARNER DEREK WATMOUGH BOB RICHARDS STE ANDREW.Guest dj's are:MARK BICKNELL - 9th JULY DAVE EVISON CARL WILLINGHAM - 6th AUGUST. From August 99 we have a regular 1st FRIDAY in the month right thro' the year 2000. Open 8.00 till 1.30 massive dance floor superb sound system large car park late bar till 1.00 look for JUNCTION 2-M66 or JUNCTION 19-M60 follow signs for Heywood town centre-half mile. thanks for allowing us to use your website
Tom & Ste

205. Name: Molotow
Place and Year: Hamburg 1999
Info: SPELLBOUND Sixties Soul & Rhythm Club (every last Saturday of the month since 1996) Regulars: Ulf Reh. & Jens Schulz plus Guests at the Molotow Spielbudenplatz 19 Hamburg-St.Pauli bright 6T's Soul policy
Olaf Ott

206. Name: Kir at Max
Place and Year: Hamburg 1999
Info: SOUL ALLNIGHTER (since 1983) twice a year (Eastern + X-mas) Kir at Max Brauer Allee 241 Hamburg Northern & Sixties Classic
Olaf Ott

207. Name: Southfields British Legion
Place and Year: Leicester 1999
Info: I thought you might like to hear about a new soul night in Leicester which is taking place less than a mile from the old Nite Owl. We've just held our third night at the Southfields British Legion and we are now reaching capacity every month. Our next night is on Friday 12th March '99 with DJ's Derek Allen Simon Hunt Tim Maine & Mark Taylor. We've also lined up Ali Mayer & Tony Clayton who made a huge success of the Nott's Oddfellows in the eighties. Northern Soul is well and truly back on the map in Leicester. We'd like to see you here if you get chance to attend.
Mark Taylor

208. Name: Hipshaker
Place and Year: The Wedgewood Rooms Southsea Portsmouth 1999
Info: Music:A Groovy Blend Of 6T's R&B Soul and Beat" Frequency: Monthly Dates:02/07/99 13/08/99 10/09/99 15/10/99 26/11/99 24/12/99. Time: 9pm-2am Adm: £4 adv-B4 10pm/£5 after 10pm (subject to change) Two other specific pieces of info: Hipshaker @ The Isle Of Wight Scooter Rally August Bank Holiday 1999. Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th August 8pm-1am @ The Prince Consort Ryde. Hipshaker 1st Birthday Friday 13th August 1999 featuring Very Special Guest DJ KEV ROBERTS original DJ at the legendary Wigan Casino. 9pm-2am £tbc. Information: Dave Clark 01705 811261/07788 967656 or
Dave Clark

209. Name: Cricket Club
Place and Year: Penrith Cumbria 1999
Info: Here are the dates for the Penrith Cricket club soul nights this year. Saturday's the 10th April 15th May 19th June' 17th July 21Aug 18th Sept 16th Oct 13th Nov 11th Dec. Timings are 20.00 to 0100 (unconfirmed). The platter player is Kevin Sowerby who not only plays some great sounds but knows what he is doing.
Bill Meah

210. Name: Spiders Web
Place and Year: Edinburgh 1999
Info: Edinburgh's Northern Soul Club at The Spiders Web Haymarket. It currently meets the first Friady of each month and is mostly oldies some newies and a touch of modern and runs from 8 till 2am. The gate is £3 info George Wallace 01383 416749
Frank Murphy

211. Name: The Blue Lagoon
Place and Year: Portsmouth 1999
Info: 60's & 70's rare soul 3rd friday of every month
Johnny Rolfe

212. Name: Vespas
Place and Year: Jersey CI 1999
Info: Vespas' soul club in Jersey to the list. Funnily enough its nothing to do with Scooters The place is owned by a Portugese guy and in portugese a Vespa is a wasp. Still running on the first Friday of every month.
John Ponomarenko

213. Name: Back Street Northern Soul Club
Place and Year: Copenhagen 1999
Info: Playing 60 & 70s. DJs Nick & Roy (UK) + guests. Place Stengade 30 Copenhagen N Denmark. Time 11 till 8am.Sat April 10th and every month info Nick tel 0045 2221 1590 or 33242428
Nick James

214. Name: MJ Promotions and the Capitol Soul Club
Place and Year: London 2000
Info: MJ Promotions and the Capitol Soul Club at The Dome in London's Tufnell Park. Bi-monthly soul nights. Resident DJs provided by The Capitol Soul Club: Carl Fortnum Irish Greg and Alan Handscombe. Plus guests the cream of the scene! For information reviews directions and dates please visit the MJ Promotions website:
Matt Jahans

215. Name: North Devon Soul Club
Place and Year: Barnstaple 2000
Info: Looking for like minded soulies in North Devon, we have a superb venue but need more interest to generate a regular night. Contact
Martin Greenaway

216. Name: Solid Hit Soul Club
Place and Year: New York 2000
Info: DJs Gene Merideth Greg Tormo Per Berglund plus special guests Saturday 26 February 9:30 pm till late Siberia Bar (SW corner of 50th and Bway inside 1/9 subway station) (New York City) Free admission. More info: (917) 373-0424 or
Jessica Wecker

217. Name: Rancho Relaxo
Place and Year: Toronto Canada 2000
Info: The Rivoli. 334 Queen st west .Toronto A very classy joint (Queen West is hipsvilleTornoto ) our first "soul nite" is February 11th 2000. the rest of our dates are on our web-site
Mick Taylor

218. Name: Sleepless Nights Rare Soul Club
Place and Year: Dublin 2002
Info: Usually 3rd friday of month The Hub Eustace Street Temple Bar Dublin 2 9.30-3am: mainly 6ts uptempo more info
danny Duggan


220. Name: The Harold Soul Club
Place and Year: Huddersfeild Rd, Low Moor ,Bradford 2003
Info: Las Saturday every month Across the board music policy Great Dance Floor Djs Steve and Lawrence Grimshaw and Julian Metcalfe £3.00 on the door Ring 07771 526282 for further details

221. Name: Souled On Soul
Place and Year: London Road, Goucester 2004
Info: Resident DJ's Tezz, Jamo & Geoff Wilkes. Great Guest DJ's every month. Past guests: Sean Chapman, Micky B, John Barker, Nige Shaw, Nige Brown, Hippo and more to come... Soul & Motown (Across the board) 8 - 1 (Soon to go later) Great dance floor. seperate bar area and seating. £4.00 otd

222. Name: Smooth Soul
Place and Year: Grantham Lincs England 2006
Info: Just Coming up to it's first year. Pete and Gus alway play a great set with masses of old and new dance floor fillers. The club is well worth a visit, and a web site can be found at The site has info on the club it's djs, and a wicked sounds page.

223. Name: Rotherham Transport Soul Club
Place and Year: Rotherham 2006
Info: Playing Northern and Motown sounds
Malc Quinn

224. Name: dukeries soul club
Place and Year: mansfield notts 2007
Info: a new venue taking it back after 30 yrs superb music policy fantastic dance floor last fri of the month set in the hart of sherwood forest

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